Our Client

1. ศรีฟ้า โฟรเซ่นฟู้ด (เบเกอรี่ กาญจนบุรี)
2. ควินน์ คอปอเรชั่น
3. President Automobile Industries Co., Ltd.

- Manufacturing (Accounting closing 2014, Consulting and accounting closing for the Company to submit SET)
4. Health Food Co., Ltd. and Health Food Corporation and Group of companies
- Trading and Manufacturing (Internal audit outsourcing, External audit and Costing implementation)
5. SIW (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Mclaren (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
- Manufacturing (External audit and Special audit)
6. Patong Center Group of companies
- Real estate and construction (Internal control and accounting closing)
7. Andakira hotel group
- Hospitality (Accounting and audit)
8. Hemingways group
- Hospitality and Restuarant (Accounting and Audit)
9. Propety wish group
- Real estate and construction (Accounting and Audit)
10. About Decoration
- Trading wood (Accounting and Audit)
11. Nara group
- Real estate, Contruction, Hotel, Restuarant (Accounting and Audit)
12. Idea Cleaning
- Services (Audit)
13. Fracora (Thailand)
- Cosmetics
14. Dakasi
- Trading (Milk Tea)
15. Solumat Co.,Ltd.
- Hybrid Woods
16. Etc.......